Feel the thrill of flight with a Unique Drones! Register for the Unique Drones New Pilot Experience today.

Let our expert Drone Nerds provide you will all the training and fundamentals needed to confidently pilot your UAV. Our Pilots have countless hours of experience and will provide the instructions on how to operate the uav confidently. In addition to learning to fly the uav, we will provide you guidance and information regarding FAA guidelines and how to keep you and the vehicle safe.

Our training events are designed to help those who have no experience with the uav drones learn basic flight techniques and safety awareness, and to further their understanding of Drone Nerds’s products and options. The training program is divided into two parts: (1) indoor theory training session and (2) outdoor hands-on training session with a Phantom 2 Vision+. Indoor training will focus on theoretical knowledge, including UAV features, basic flight procedures, and essential safety information, with a Q&A session. Outdoor training includes flying the Phantom and focuses on practical exercises that increase confidence and piloting skills.


During your time with our pilots we will cover all the essential topics including:

  • Introduction and how to get started
  • Unboxing and setting up your drone
  • Software and the basics of calibrating your drone
  • Charging your devices
  • Introduction to the transmitter
  • Takeoff, landing and basic flight procedures
  • Flight modes and IOC
  • Emergency procedures